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Comparison: Dell XPS 15z Vs Apple Macbook Pro

Although Dell clearly doesn't want to compare its new XPS 15z range to Apple's Macbook Pro family, the two products are similar enough to warrant a closer look.

That said, there's no straightforward way of pitting the XPS 15z against Apple's mobile workstation. Dell's range only comes with dual core processors whereas Apple MBP laptops with 15-inch screen or larger come with a quad core i7 CPU so any direct comparison is flawed.

Analysing each of the three members that make up both rivals' product range, there are only two iterations that differ from one another by one component only.

Both the £999 Dell XPS 15z and the £1849 Apple MacBook Pro have: 15-inch full HD screens, slot in optical drives, 4GB RAM, a 500GB hard disk drive (although Dell's is faster), a graphics card with 1GB RAM (Nvidia GT525M vs AMD Radeon HD 6750M), an ultra slim profile (just under one inch) and an excellent battery life.

The only major differences - apart from the price gap of £850 - is the fact that the MBP comes with a quad core Intel Core i7 clocked at 2.2GHz while the XPS 15z runs on a 2.3GHz dual core Core i5-2410 CPU. Apple's product also boasts a much better webcam, Thunderbolt & Firewire ports and iLife 11 as well as the MagSafe power adaptor.

We won't delve into the debate about which one is better because they are two very different beasts altogether. The nearest quad core offer from Dell is the Latitude E6520 which matches Apple's offering but comes with a much larger price tag.