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Cray Unveils Staggeringly Fast 50 Petaflop Supercomputer

Supercomputer maker Cray Inc. has launched their latest product, the Cray XK6, a modern supercomputer with enhanced functionalities.

The XK6 features the 16-core x86 Opteron 6200 Series server processors from AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) as well as the Tesla 20-Series graphics processors from Nvidia, the company revealed. It will be powered by Cray’s Linux-based Operating System.

"Every aspect of the Cray XK6 has been engineered to meet the real-world performance demands of researchers and scientists tasked with solving the world's grand challenges," said Barry Bolding, vice president of Cray's product division, PC Mag reports.

The XK6 will be capable of delivering up to 50 petaflops, a level of computing power that most people will have difficulty even thinking about.

According to reports, Cray can already boast one customer for the XK6, as the CSCS (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre) reportedly approached the company to incorporate this new offering (XK6) into their inventory.

"Given the remarkable interest in GPU technology from the Swiss computational science community, it is essential that CSCS adopt this technology into its high-end production systems soon," CSCS director Dr. Thomas Schulthess said.