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Daily Mail Mocked By Readers In Attempt To Discredit Modern Warfare 3

The world's second biggest English-language online newspaper, the Daily Mail, published a story earlier today criticising the latest opus of Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3, for "featuring" 7/7 Tube bomb-style attacks.

The article points out that the game also contains scenes of explosions and destruction on the London Underground and the Houses of Parliament and claims that supporters of those affected by the July 7th terrorist attacks have called for the game to be banned.

Curiously though, only the campaign group Mediawatch UK is mentioned in the article. Even worse, the newspaper itself is criticised by its own readers. One comment by John from Edinburgh, is particularly enlightening. He says that the article "manipulates readers by exaggerating events within a game to make sensationalist headlines which in turn leaves the gaming industry to look like villains".

He correctly highlights that last year, a British tabloid fell victim to a hoax that apparently said Rockstar Games was making a Grand Theft Auto game based on murderer Raoul Moat, showing how ready the press are to discredit the gaming community.

Another reader, Miles from Ipswich, goes further and humorously accuses another video game of encouraging drug abuse. The game in question is Pacman where the main protagonist eats pill after pill with no ill-effect whatsoever.

It's well worth noting that both comments have the highest number of positive reaction 'green arrows' on the discussion thread of the article at present.