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Duke Nukem Releasing Internationally This June

New reports revealed that after almost a decade and a half of resting on the developers’ table, the Duke Nukem is not only all set to hit the global market, it has reportedly gone Gold too.

Much to the delight of the long awaiting fans, Gearbox Software and 2K Games have finally announced that the developing phase of Duke Nukem is finally over, and is now all ready to be shipped.

The developers also revealed that the game will be internationally available from June 10 onwards, which will soon be followed by its debut in the North America region on June 14.

"Duke Nukem Forever is the game that was once thought to be unshipppable, and yet here we are, on the precipice of history," Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K Games said.

“Today marks an amazing day in the annals of gaming lore, the day where the legend of Duke Nukem Forever is finally complete and it takes that final step towards becoming a reality,” he added.

The game has been also made available for pre-order. With the PC version priced at £26.99, and the PS3 (and Xbox) version at £39.69, the response to this much anticipated game has been amazing so far.