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Electronic Arts Gets Flak Over Battlefield Free Pre-Order Bonus

Gaming giant Electronic Arts has come under fire from gamers after it offered customers who pre-ordered the game from a High Street retailers exclusive weapons.

EA hooked up with Game stores to offer early adopters a Type 88 LMG, a gas-powered, air-cooled light machine gun with bipod for improved accuracy; a unique flash suppressor for the SKS sniper rifle, which makes it harder for enemies to pinpoint where shots are coming from; and armour-piercing flechette ammunition for the DAO-12 shotgun.

Angry comments on EA's official blog said the exclusive add-ons would make the game unbalanced an unfair for those who didn't qualify for the powerful and exclusive weapons.

I have no problem with day-one unlocks as a little bonus," claimed one fan according to thinq_ "but store exclusive weaponry is just pathetic."

Even gamers who pre-ordered the much anticipated shooter direct from EA will miss out on the weaponry.