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Google Invades Microsoft Cloud Ambitions, Releases Office Add-on

Google has launched a new add-on for Microsoft Office that will let users integrate Microsoft Office with Google Docs.

The Google Connect for Microsoft Office add-on released by the search engine giant allows users to save the documents they are working on Microsoft Office to Google Docs. Users will be able to access and start editing their MS Office files from anywhere they want, using Google Docs.

The add-on appears as a permanent toolbar in Microsoft Office. Users who have installed the add-on can simply click ‘Sync’ to save the file. The MS Office file will also sync automatically to Google Docs when users save the file.

The add-on also allows users to change their syncing preferences, letting sync the file to Google Docs only when they want to.

According to a review on PC World, the toolbar also allows users to share the documents on Google Docs from within Microsoft Office. Users will also be able to use the toolbar to run multiple Google Docs accounts.

However, users can’t operate multiple Google Docs account simultaneously and are also unable to open Google Docs files on Microsoft Office.

This is Google’s latest attempt to attack Microsoft’s cloud ambition in its own territory.