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Google Gets Lady Gaga To Sell Chrome To Her 'Little Monsters'

Google has roped-in ‘mother monster’ Lady Gaga into promoting its Chrome web browser to her fans.

The company released an ad for the Chrome web browser in which Lady Gaga is seen using the web browser to communicate and inspire her fans, which she calls ‘little monsters’. Google realises the kind of influence Gaga has on her fans.

Gaga is the first person on Twitter to reach 10 million followers and the release of her latest album ‘Born This Way’ managed to bring down Amazon’s servers.

The ad revolves around Lady Gaga and her fans using Chrome to access many Google features like web search and YouTube. The web search is used to search the singer’s fans while users are seen dancing to Lady Gaga’s music. The ad also features snippets of videos uploaded on YouTube by Lady Gaga fans,

The ad ends with Google referring to Lady Gaga as ‘Mother Monster’ and stating that ‘the Web is what you make of it’.

It will be interesting to see people’s reaction over the Lady Gaga ad. The video has garnered thousands of views and likes on YouTube. Almost every video featuring Lady Gaga has generated massive views on YouTube and Google hopes to emulate the same with its new ad.