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Hurt Locker Producers Sue 24,000 For Piracy

The producers of the Academy Award winning movie ‘The Hurt Locker’ have sued 24,000 BitTorrent users for allegedly pirating the movie.

In the largest legal assault on file sharers to date, Voltage Pictures has added 20,000 new IP addresses to the original lawsuit it had filed against some 5,000 BitTorrent users for illegally downloading the movie.

The company claims that it is planning on recovering the money it had lost to online piracy of the film, which had won the Best Picture Oscar in 2010.

According to an article on TorrentFreak, the lawsuit filed by the producers covers IP addresses of customers of leading ISPs including Comcast and Time Warner.

Lawsuit papers retrieved by the blog revealed that 10,532 Comcast customers have been targeted by the lawsuit, followed by 5,239 Verizon customers, 2,699 Charter customers and 1,750 Time Warner customers.

Voltage Pictures lawyers have also struck agreements with various ISPs to get the details of more offending customers. Both Charter and Verizon have promised to give the details of 150 and 100 customers respectively, every month, while Comcast has yet to confirm a specific number.

Considering the film only earned $17 million in the US, it could end up making more money in the courts than at the cinema.