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iPhone, iPad Phishing Campaign Uses Accurate Customer Data To Lure People In

A new phishing campaign has surfaced targeting iPhone and iPad users, tricking them into giving up personal information.

The malicious campaign was first spotted by analysts from F-Secure, a security firm from Helsinki, Finland.

According to F-Secure, the scam emails sent by the perpetrators appear to be from the Apple App Store, and they warn recipients that their app order “has been successfully cancelled". The victims are then asked to follow a link titles “order information”, to find out the details of the error, MSNBC reports.

But F-Secure warns that the “link” is malicious and redirects the user to a drugstore website.

The most interesting and suspicious aspect of the scam is, however, the fact that the phishing mails appear only when the victim actually purchases an item from the legitimate Apple App Store. How the scammers know when their victims actually purchased from the app store has yet to be determined by the experts from F-Secure.

Many analysts believe that while the redirected link to a drugstore website isn't much of a threat, the fact that the phishing attacks are based on accurate and supposedly confidential information means they could easily become more dangerous in the future.