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Microsoft Appeals Against $1.3 Billion European Commission Fine

Convicted monopolist Microsoft has appealed against a $1.3 billion antitrust fine imposed by the European Commission calling it 'excessive'.

The fine dates back to 2008 when the software giant was accused of failing to supply information to third party developers which would allow non-Microsoft applications to work with the Windows operating system, according to thinq_

Jean Francois Bellis, lawyer for Microsoft, said: “This case would not have arisen if the Commission had been as explicit with respect to rates which it wanted Microsoft to charge as it had been with all other terms of licensing proposed by Microsoft.” He added that the fine was “most undeserved”.

IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, ECIS, Samba, the Free Software Foundation Europe, and the Software & Information Industry Association have all spoken out about Microsoft's behaviour in this case.