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Microsoft Reveals Rustock Details, Russian Involvement And 427k Email Addresses

In a shocking revelation made by published court documents, Microsoft Corp’s investigators discovered 400,000 plus compromised email addresses from a single hard disk belonging to the infamous gang members of the Rustock botnet.

Microsoft representatives, who were outlining the findings in the recent take down of the Rustock botnet’s command and control servers to an Washington court, revealed that the their investigators also found loads of stolen credit card data from the seized facility.

“One text file alone contained over 427,000 e-mail addresses,” Microsoft wrote.

Microsoft reportedly also found a clue about the perpetrators being of Russian origin. According to the company, there were clear evidences of the payments made for a few of the hosting services involving a specific Webmoney account. Webmoney is a very popular online payment system for a lot of Russian clients.

So far the investigations suggest, the Webmoney account used for these transactions belongs to one Vladimir Alexandrovich Shergin, a resident of Khimki, a city in the outskirts of Moscow.

"Microsoft is continuing its investigation to determine whether the name and contact information are authentic, whether this is a stolen identity and whether this person is associated with the events in this action," the company said.