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Opera Mini 6 Web Browser Released For iPhone, iPad

Opera Software has released the Opera Mini 6 web browser for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

According to the company, the Opera Mini 6 browser, which is available for free from the Apple App Store, is designed to exploit iPhone 4’s high quality resolution and interface changes. The browser has also been modified to be used on the large-screened iPad tablet PC device.

Opera Mini gained popularity among smartphone users thanks to its data compression technology. When users request a web page, the company’s servers compress the web pages before delivering them. This feature lowers the data download costs, which is particularly nice for heavy web surfers,

The Opera Mini mobile web browser has a 21.9 percent share in the mobile web browser market. The company claims that iOS usage accounts for the majority of Opera Mini usage.

“Every platform is important to us, but the iPhone is hugely important to Opera, especially in the U.S. But Safari is rock solid, iOS is rock solid and we have no problem saying that. And so, from Opera Mini 5 to Opera Mini 6, we've made a big shift in what we're trying to do,” Phillip Gronvold, a product manager at Opera, told the L.A Times.