Polish Police Raid Blogger Over Presidential Slander

Polish law enforcement officers have raided the home of a blogger accused of slandering the country's president Bronislaw Komorowski.

The counter terrorist cops siezed a laptop and hard disk from Robert Frycz's home, after his site - antykomor.pl - published photographs and articles mocking the president, and included games in which users could throw virtual objects including hammers at a picture of the politician.

"AntyKomor.pl was not defamatory, and did not contain false information, but only that which appeared on publicly available portals and blogs," the blogger said according to thinq_.

"Preventive censorship and licensing of the press are the characteristic methods used to control the media in an authoritarian system."

Recently, a number of Polish football fans were arrested and fined after singing derogatory chants which suggested the country's prime minister was a moron using laws imposed under the former communist regime.

Both politicians are said to have been perturbed by the arrests and have called for the law to be changed.