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Sea Water For Data Centre Cooling, Google’s Green Initiative

According to new reports, Google is going to use sea water for cooling the new Data Centre at Finland, a move that is expected to take the cooling efficiencies to an entirely new height.

The Finland data centre, which used to be a paper mill before Google purchased it in 2009, is widely believed to be a part of the company’s growing focus on the cloud computing sector and the use of greener technology.

The company recently revealed that it invested around $400 million in green technology, the most recent being a $55 million investment in wind energy plant in the Mojave Desert.

The search giant bragged that the idea to use sea water for cooling purposes is, “"Unique ... it's never been done before."

According to the company, this “revolutionary” technique will turn the facility into one of the most advanced and efficient data centre in existence today.

The overall cost for the project is expected to go as high as $260 million, which includes the purchase of price too.

However, according to analysts, the figure is nothing against the overall expenditure Google will be saving for cooling purposes. According to a report published in the website The Register, the same facility will also be using wind power, originating from a nearby wind park.

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