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Sony Under Attack Yet Again, This Time In Japan And Canada

In the latest round of more than a month old battle between Sony and hackers, the former has found itself once again on the loser’s side.

According to new and confirmed reports, Sony Music Japan’s website came under severe attack from hackers, while a Canadian Sony Ericsson eShop site fell victim to a very serious security breach that led into the theft of name, email and password belonging to thousands of users.

The reports were confirmed by a spokesman from the company. Meanwhile, Sony also revealed that last week’s attack on Sony BMG’s Greece website had resulted in over 8000 of its member’s name, email address and passwords falling onto the hands of the perpetrators.

"Sony Music Entertainment Greece learned late Sunday about a data breach involving certain Sony Music Greece Web sites. Approximately 8,500 records containing e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, user names, and passwords were obtained;” the company said as cited by CNet.

"However, the sites did not offer any commerce activity and therefore no credit card data was involved. Sony Music Entertainment Greece plans to re-launch the sites as soon as possible after further security review,” it added.

The way things have been building up so far, the attacks on Sony’s worldwide websites have become more of a weekly event. Analysts believe that, these attacks could eventually prove to be very helpful for the company in the long run.