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Xbox Co-founder Berkes Leaves Microsoft

Otto Berkes, the last co-founder of Xbox gaming console at Microsoft, has decided to leave the company after 18 years of working in it.

Berkes joins other Xbox creators Kevin Bachus, Ted Hase and Seamus Blackley in leaving Microsoft for other opportunities. Berkes leaving Microsoft is considered to be the end of an era at Microsoft with none of the Xbox creators currently with the tech giant.

According to Seattle Times, Berkes was responsible for developing Microsoft’s Ultra Mobile PCs back in 2005, when something like the iPad was unheard off. The project was scraped by Microsoft due to high cost and low hardware.

Berkes also went to develop the Courier slate/tablet for Microsoft, which the comapany showed off in 2010.

“It's a good time for me to make a transition to a different set of challenges and something new and fresh,” Berkes told the Seattle Times.

He would not reveal what he plans to do next but he will certainly be moving out of the Seattle area. He also informed that he was not frustrated about Microsoft scrapping projects and the decisions the company has taken in the past couple of years. The move was because he wanted to something new after working 18 years at Microsoft.