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Yahoo Ad Banned For Encouraging Speeding

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned the ad for new BT Yahoo! Mail Beta for encouraging speeding.

The ad features two women driving a convertible in a blurred background, which according to Yahoo’s defence, shows mountain scenery.

The advertising regulator reacted to the complaint made by two people, who claimed that the ‘Faster is Fun’ tagline used in the ad encouraged people to drive fast and act irresponsibly.

Yahoo claims that ad was not related to driving and was not encouraging people to drive fast. Yahoo claimed that the blurred scenery depicted a mountain path and the fake car was driving under the speed limit.

The ASA has banned Yahoo from using the ad in its current form and warned it not to issue advertisements that might encourage motorists to drive fast.

“We considered that because the ad showed the car against a blurred background and was headlined "Faster is funner", speed was the key message of the ad,” said a spokesperson for the ASA, TechWatch reports.

'We concluded that the combination of the headline and the image, portrayed speed in a way that might encourage motorists to drive irresponsibly and could therefore be seen to condone anti-social behaviour and irresponsible driving,” the ASA added.