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O2 The Best Among Slow UK Broadband USB Options

UK wireless carrier O2 offers the fastest mobile broadband dongle speeds in the UK, an Ofcom study has found.

In Ofcom's first study of mobile broadband speeds, the regulator found that 17 percent of UK homes are using mobile broadband to access the internet.

The study, which did not consider smartphones, Wi-Fi or 2G networks, claimed that the average mobile broadband speed in the UK was 1.5 Mbps and that web pages took an average of 8.5 seconds to load.

The regulator found that O2 offered the fastest 3G dongle and data card speeds in the UK compared to rivals Vodafone, Three, T-Mobile and Orange.

The Ofcom report has not gone over well with T-Mobile Orange joint venture Everything Everywhere, which has raised doubts over the limitations and methodology used in the study.

“Although we recognise Ofcom's efforts to introduce an independent report on mobile broadband speeds, we're concerned about the methodology used in the research,” an Everything Everywhere spokesperson said, The Inquirer reports.

“Our main concern is that Ofcom's study only focused on dongles, which are only one part of a consumer's mobile broadband experience and excludes the millions of users that access the internet through their 3G smart phones,” the spokesperson added.