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£99.99 CnM 7-inch TouchPad II With Wi-Fi

The CnM TouchPad II is a new-age, highly sophisticated mobile Internet device that comes with an wide array of futuristic technologies, blended with a spectacular design. This Android powered MID is a must have for all net-savvy people who feel the need to stay online all throughout the day, but are repulsed by the very thought of spending long hours in front of a PC.

The product features the powerful ARM11 processor - the name is enough to give you a good grasp of the fact how easily it will be able to handle all your entertainment as well productivity requirements.

It’s built in wireless technology, lets you stay connected to the Internet via any existing Wireless router. Not only that, you don’t even have to sweat over security issues while using it over a wireless network, for the device is well equipped with numerous advanced security-features.

The 7 inch touch screen with a bright and clear view ensures you an amazing surfing experience. The display is also well suited for watching videos or reading e-books. You can even connect the device to monitor or TV by exploiting the built in mini HDMI port. It also come pre-loaded with 20 authenticated apps.

The CnM TouchPad II is available at Expansys for £99.99 only.