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Amazon Releases Cheaper, Ad-Supported 3G Kindle

Amazon has rolled out an ad-supported 3G version of Kindle with Special Offers for $164.

The ad-supported Kindle 3G is $25 less than its ad-free counterpart and serves advertisements on the device’s screensaver and at the bottom of the screen.

The company claims that the ads don’t disrupt the e-reading device, something which consumers echoed The ad-supported Wi-Fi only Kindle with Special Offers, which is available for $114, becoming one of the best selling devices on Amazon soon after its launch.

People say they don’t mind the ads if their favorite e-reader is available at significant low prices. The ad-free Wi-Fi only Kindle costs $139 and the ad-free 3G version retails at $189.

Amazon’s new offering comes as rival Barnes & Noble and Kobo launched new, touch-enabled versions of their devices.

Barnes&Nobel this week released the $140 Nook Simple Touch device which comes with a 6-inch color touchscreen. Kobo on the other hand launched the Kobo eReader Touch Edition, which also comes with a 6-inch e-ink screen and is priced at $130.

Amazon’s dominance over the market is still indisputable thanks partially to the head-start it got, and to the extensive ebook library offered through Amazon's online store.