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AMNews: Twitter Acquires Tweetdeck, Sony Ericsson eShop Hacked, HP Acquires Printelligent

Twitter has confirmed the acquisition of UK-based company Tweetdeck, the popular application that allows users to manage their Twitter feeds and related tweets, for a mix of cash and shares worth north of $40 million. Iain Dodsworth of Tweetdeck confirmed on the company blog that it had been acquired and that the deal was completed on Tuesday.

The world's second biggest English-speaking online newspaper, the Daily Mail, published a story earlier today criticising the latest opus of Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3, for "featuring" 7/7 Tube bomb-style attacks.

In the latest round of more than a month old battle between Sony and hackers, the former has found itself once again on the loser’s side. According to new and confirmed reports, Sony Music Japan’s website came under severe attack from hackers, while a Canadian Sony Ericsson eShop site fell victim to a very serious security breach that led into the theft of name, email and password belonging to thousands of users.

According to new reports, Google is going to use sea water for cooling the new Data Centre at Finland, a move that is expected to take the cooling efficiencies to an entirely new height. The Finland data centre, which used to be a paper mill before Google purchased it in 2009, is widely believed to be a part of the company’s growing focus on the cloud computing sector and the use of greener technology.

In a move to strengthen their hold over the managed print market, Hewlett Packard (HP) has acquired Printelligent, a leading provider managed print services to small and medium businesses. The acquisition will assimilate Printelligent’s existing workforce, software and infrastructures with HP’s hard-earned reputation in the print-technology.