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Android Gets Miro, Open Source Competitor Of iTunes

After almost half a year of development and extensive testing, the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF) has finally unveiled the new Miro Version 4.0.

Miro is a widely popular open source media player, and as claimed by the developers, this new version will enable users to efficiently manage their media library.

The Miro 4.0 brings along with it the power to store iTune libraries, apps, playlists as well as videos in one location, and then sync the same with Android devices. In layman term, it will enable the Android community to derive the same functionalities that iPhone users enjoy with the iTunes services.

"Android phones are surpassing iPhone’s market share, but most people still use iTunes on their desktop. The desktop player has been a missing component for managing media on Android devices," Dave Glassco, the president of PCF stated in a press release.

"This points to the problem Miro 4 is addressing – the open ecosystem needs a great desktop music and video experience," he added.

The new app is also equipped with an auto-download configuration option, built-in support for Amazon download store, as well as a new history page, which users can use to see the previously played files.