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Casting Call For iPhone 5 Commercial?

A casting call for "An iPhone 5 Commercial" was posted on CraigsList, though it has since been removed. The ad was looking for five people of all ages and ethnicity, male or female, to allegedly feature in a "Happy, Smiling" iPhone 5 commercial.

The casting call stated that the commercial would be shot in Los Angeles and the actors would be paid in UK pounds. The posting quickly disappeared after about two hours but the MacRumors team was still able to check it out. The website argued against it being a hoax, pointing to a similar ad for an Apple iPhone commercial casting which was posted last month in New York.

Apple has a special policy whereby the company strictly forbids that the product names be revealed when posting casting calls and the like. The person who posted the casting call might not have known this small detail and had to remove it when they found out about Apple’s policy. This time last year, a FaceTime commercial ad was posted for the iPhone 4 although the product had not been released then.

We don't know yet if the casting call is a genuine, but if this is the case, then the iPhone 5 could indeed be launched at WWDC 2011. Other theories suggest that this might be just a marketing strategy meant to increase the public’s interest for Apple’s new iPhone.