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Citrix Releases New SaaS Management Tools

Citrix has launched a new cloud computing platform that will allow organisations to deliver a mix of SaaS apps to end users .

The Citrix NetScaler Cloud Gateway, the company explains, will present IT administrators with a single point of control for managing all of their SaaS deployments.

The NetScaler Cloud Gateway will also allow IT admins to implement single sign-on security measures, provide room for user provisioning and de-provisioning and unified licensing distribution and allocation.

According to the company, the data center tool will also help admins monitor the uptime and response time of their SaaS applications.

Citrix said that the tool was designed to integrate with the management and security systems deployed on Windows and web applications. The tool will also come with support for all popular web browsers and all versions of the Citrix Receiver.

“With NetScaler Cloud Gateway we have the front end solution that simplifies the management of SaaS, web and Windows apps and gives today’s BYO generation the easy access to all applications they need from any device,” said Klaus Oestermann, Group Vice President and General Manager, Networking and Cloud Product Group at Citrix, eChannelLine reports.

The company also unveiled the NetScaler Cloud Bridge platform that will allow clients to integrate their existing data centres with the cloud.