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Computex 2011: Asus To Unveil Eee PC Chromebook?

Asus has revealed another teaser, a brand new Eee PC netbook, and gave a few hints about what it may be like on its Facebook page yesterday morning.

As for the tablet-cum-smartphone from Tuesday 24th, the new mystery picture shows what looks like a netbook, but the marketing guys (opens in new tab) at Asus asked whether users would prefer a pad (tablet), a notebook or a netbook. (ed : Techinstyle says that it's an updated version of the Eee Slider (opens in new tab))

There was also a subtle reference to a Windows alternative which we understand might be none other than Chrome OS.

In other words, Asus will unveil an Eee PC Chromebook at Computex on Sunday. This would make perfect sense since Acer and Asus are fierce rivals and Acer is one of the two launch partners for Google's Chromebook.

What's more, Notebook Italia got hold of a picture of a new device that looks impossibly small and thin based on the size of the USB port on the picture (see here (opens in new tab)).

It has a webcam, a supersized touchpad with five (rather than six) rows of keys (again assuming that NBI's picture is a genuine one).

We'd be chuffed to bits if Asus had an ARM-based netbook with integrated 3G for less than $200 and based on ChromeOS. Don't forget the rumour that emerged three weeks ago about a new range of Eee PCs that will take on the iPad 2.

Désiré Athow

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