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e-G8 Brings Together Government And Tech Leaders

The recently held “e-G8” summit, the brainchild of French president Nicholas Sarkozy, witnessed Internet bosses asking G8 world leaders to take an active role over complicated issues such as freedom of information and online copyright protection.

The executives also had an extensive discussion about how governments could provide Internet access to their respective citizens, but without regulating online content. However, the summit eventually end without any official declaration as there were serious disagreements among the participating parties over many key issues.

But if we are to believe the words of Maurice Levy, the host for the event, he is planning to join Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and a few others will form an e-G8 delegation to hand over the final proposals to the G8 leaders.

"We are going to work up to the last moment on the e-G8 communique. We are not going to Deauville with a list of grievances but to share a certain vision," said Levy, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

There was also severe criticism about the motives of the summit, with many critics claiming that the participants main goal was to secure the interests of big businesses.