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EMC Launches New Storage Solution, Enhances Virtual Desktop Speed, Performance

Enterprise storage equipment maker EMC has dished out a new virtual desktop solution for Citrix XenDesktop platform.

According to the company, the solution, which is based on EMC’s VNX unified storage system, is designed to deliver high performance for up to 1000 virtual desktops. Gradually, the company claims, the platform can be scale to thousands of virtual desktops using a building block approach.

The solution, which will be demonstrated during the Citrix Synergy conference, features the EMC FAST suite that comes with EMC FAST VP technology and EMC FAST Cache technology. Using the XenDesktop solutions, clients will be able to power-up 1,000 virtual desktops within 8 minutes, the company said.

During peak load and the Boot Storm, the solution only requires 20 SAS drives and 2 flash drives, which saves costs and lessens the complexity.

The company said that the solution will be supported under EMC Global Services which will offer dedicated support and expertise.

"Today's announcement showcases the tangible benefits associated with implementing EMC's advanced unified storage systems and associated technologies in a virtual desktop implementation," said Eric Herzog, EMC's Vice President, Product Marketing and Management, Unified Storage Division.

"Customers can now quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively implement and scale their virtual desktop environment while taking advantage of trademark EMC reliability, availability, multi-protocol support, disaster recovery features, replication and snapshot technology, and hardened security." he added.