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Facebook And Napster Founder Sean Parker Says He Was Abused By The Media

Sean Parker who founded both Facebook and Napster, and was recently played by Justine Timberlake in the film The Social Network, reckons he has been given a rough deal by the online media according to thinq_

Speaking at the e-G8 Forum in Paris yesterday, he said, "There's certainly a certain irony in the fact that I was a founder of Napster and of Facebook. "The irony lies in the fact that I'm also one of the victims," he said. "I was abused and maligned by the media, largely the Internet media. Largely by unaffiliated bloggers with no standard of journalistic ethics who created this caricature of me.

"I watched as this character emerged week after week, whose antics were in some ways as entertaining to me as anyone else. I had my identity commandeered by the blogosphere and Twitter and Facebook," he explained.

Parker said, "My first instinct was to withdraw. But what I realised was that my salvation was to embrace it: to publish more.

"We live in a world where reality is fiction and vice versa," Parker concluded. "In America, celebrities live entirely fictional lives, and that life to readers of tabloids is more real for them than reality."