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Facebook to 'launch music service with Spotify'

Facebook is planning to team up with Spotify to create a music service that will allow users to listen to the same music as their friends are listening to simutaneously, at least that's what a story over at Forbes says.

However, Spotify told the finance rag that it had no knowledge of any sort of joint application with Facebook.

The yarn has it that a streaming music service is currently in testing, and Facebook users will soon notice a Spotify icon on the left of their News Feed, sources reckon.

"We have Facebook integration," a Spotify spokesperson said. "We're continuously working with them to make that as good as it can be. But that's the extent of our relationship."

Facebook did not respond for comment.

Apparently, before Mark Zuckerberg began working on Facebook, he had also been working on a music streaming service. He created Wirehog in 2004, a peer-to-peer application that was designed to work through Facebook, but Napster co-founder (and former Facebook president) Sean Parker killed it.

If it exists, the music service will be available to countries where Spotify is available, which is almost everywhere but the United States.