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Google Correlate Lets Users Look For Trends In Search Term Popularity

Google has released a new Google Labs product that allows users to upload data and see which search terms the data relates too.

According to Google, the Google Correlate tool is the reverse of Google Trends. In Google Trends, users are able to enter a search term and see the search trends related to that particular term.

“Those systems allow you to enter a search term and see the trend; but researchers told us they want to enter the trend of some real world activity and see which search terms best match that trend. In other words, they wanted a system that was like Google Trends but in reverse,” Google wrote in a blog post.

This prompted Google to come up with Correlate, which allows people to do exactly that. Users can upload data and search the related search terms that have used by people over the course of time.

The tool will help to paint a clearer picture of what people are searching about and watch how a particular event progresses.

Google reckons that search activity is an incredible source of data which could eventually lead to advances in economics, health and other sectors.