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Hasselblad Releases 200 Megapixel, $45,000 Camera

Hasselblad, a Swedish manufacturer of medium format cameras, has unveiled its new sensational 200 megapixel digital SLR camera named the H4D-200MS.

Built for professional use, this new medium-format camera will cost a hefty $45,000.

Though the company calls it a 200 megapixel camera, it actually features a 50 megapixel sensor, which exploits Hasselblad’s multishot technology to combine a total of six shots into one. This technology, though not always suitable for dynamic pictures, can provide excellent output when it comes to still objects, CNET reports.

Apart from the six shot mode, the H4D-200MS can also take photos with four-shots or a single shot in regular mode. The six-shot mode takes as long as 30 seconds, while the four-shot mode takes about 20 seconds. During this time the camera's sensor shifts slightly to accommodate for pixelization, giving the final image greater depth than even other high end digital cameras.

The time delay makes these multi-shot modes well-suited for studio use with tri-pods.

An output of 200 MP means that the file size will be enormous, up to 600 MB per raw image file, and Hasselblad has included a feature that allows users to attach a hard drive to the camera in addition to flash drives.