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Hedge Fund Manager Says Ballmer Should Be Fired

Microsoft should part ways with its current chief executive officer Steve Ballmer, advised David Einhorn, president of the hedge fund Greenlight Capital.

Mr. Einhorn made this comment at the Ira Sohn Investment Conference, held in New York yesterday, IB Times reports.

He also said that as long as Ballmer retains his position as the CEO of the company, Microsoft will keep suffering from “Charlie Brown management”.

Einhorn, who was weighing in on Microsoft’s declining performance in the stock market, went on to say, “His continued presence is the biggest overhang for Microsoft stock. It's time for Microsoft's board to tell Steve Ballmer, All right, we see what you can do, let's give so-and-so a chance".

Einhorn's his comments came at a crucial time when Ballmer is already under pressure, particularly from Microsoft’s investors, to leave his post as CEO.

Ballmer's critics say that Microsoft has become less competitive since Ballmer became CEO in 2000. Last year, the company’s share-value dropped by almost 13 percent. Ballmer has also been attacked for losing market share to rivals Google and Apple.

Einhorn also said that Microsoft stocks are currently undervalued, and that it would be possible to force out Ballmer, who has a 4 percent stake in the company.