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IBM Registers Massive Server Growth, Leaves Oracle, HP Behind

IBM outpaced rivals Oracle and HP in terms of server growth, with a staggering 22.1 percent rise in its revenues in the first quarter of the ongoing fiscal year, a new study revealed.

The study carried out by the analysts at the International Data Corporation (IDC) also claimed that the net server-revenue of IBM in the first quarter was approximately $3.5 billion, which places the company only behind Hewlett-Packard at number two.

However, when it came to the growth in the overall server business, IBM topped the list, far ahead of its Palo Alto based rival which, in spite of all the hard-earned position in the market, could register only a 10.8 percent growth.

Reacting to this delightful achievement by the company, the IBM bosses said that their rich portfolio of mainframe and Unix technologies gives them the power to take advantage of the client’s’ moves to more advanced systems.

According to IDC officials, one primary reason behind the growth in enterprise-class systems is the ever-increasing need of the companies to replace their older systems.

"The Unix server marketplace is seeing new market dynamics centered on technology refresh for mission-critical workloads," IDC research vice president Jean Bozman, said in a statement as cited by Information Week.