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iPad 2 And iPhone 4 Launching In Various Countries On Friday

Apple is preparing to launch its latest iPhone 4 in India, on May 27th; with the Indian carrier Aircel offering the 16GB iPhone for $760 and the 32GB version for around $900. Let us remember that 41.6% of India’s population lives on under $1.25 dollars a day.

The iPad 2 will hit Russian and Ukrainian stores on Friday as well. iPad 2 stocks were sold out within three days of its launch in Germany, Denmark and Norway, and Russian retailers expect even faster sales in their country, Lyudmila Semushina, PR director at Re:Store stated.

Re:Store will sell the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 for $670 and the 64GB 3G model for about $1000. The release of the iPad 2 has been speeded up in Russia after the Svyaznoi chain "smuggled the product on to the shelves", according to The Moscow News.

The iPad 2 will also arrive in Ukraine on Friday. iStore, Moyo, Comfy and Foxtrot will offer the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 for about $670 and the 64GB 3G model for around $1,100.

Apple does not have any official App Stores in Russia or Ukraine and iDevice smuggling is blooming. People usually purchase smuggled iPad 2 devices for twice their US price.

Sources have also revealed that the iPad 2 will hit the Brazilian, Argentinean and Chilean markets on Friday as well.