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iPad 2 Users Report Signal Strength Issues

iPad 2 owners have complained about the signal strength when they hold the device in certain positions. Such complaints are not new to Apple, iPhone 4 users had to deal with the 'death grip' or 'antennagate' matter just last year.

The iPhone 4 problem was caused by the user's hands which connected two parts of the antenna. Apple started a free case distribution and solved the problem. The iPad 2 antenna has separated internal parts and is protected by an electromagnetic interference shield which should prevent this type of issue.

Users have noticed that their signal problems begin when they hold the iPad 2 over the speaker grill. To solve the problem, they should see a Genius from an AppleStore and have their device checked because their gadget could have some fault, or maybe use a case to cover the speaker grill area. The third solution is for Apple to replace the iPad 2 devices that have signal strength issues.

The iPhone 4 signal strength incident from 2010 caused the Cupertino Giant to lose $175 million. The media did not at all understand, and CNN even named the incident the "Biggest Tech Fail of 2010".

So far, the iPad 2 signal issues have not been reported on a massive scale, but customers who have come across lower signal strength appear to be quite bothered by the problem.