iPad Ad-Supported Games Lead In Click-Through Rates

The iPad generates more earnings in ad-supported games than iPhone or Android, a Mobclix report suggests.

Users who play ad-supported games on their iPad click more often on banners, compared to those who play games on iPhone or Android devices, the report reveals. iPad click-through rates are 8 times higher than those reported on Android gadgets and 3.5 times higher than on iPhone devices.

iPad ads on games also generate more earnings, they bring $1.75 on average (based on revenue per 1000 impressions), while iPhone ads-on generate $1.30 and Android ads on average bring in only $0.98. The difference between iOS and Android ad earnings can be explained by the higher-paying ads offered by iDevices, Mobclix suggests.

"Apple's use of rich media like video as well as its use of the entire screen all equate to higher paying units. On the Android platform we are seeing less incentivized ad unit placements, and while rich media ads are on the rise they still make up a smaller quantity of the units when compared to iOS," Krishna Subramanian, Mobclix co-founder explained.

The same study revealed that action games exceeded puzzle games in popularity, reaching 16.93% compared to 11% from last May. Simulation games have grown too, probably due to FarmVille’s success and multiplayer mobile games have also grown by 155%.