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Jimmy Buffet Brings Margaritaville App To iPhone

Facebook and iOS users are soon going to experience the comforts of an easy-going, laid back lifestyle, as THQ prepares the launch of the Margaritaville online game for these platforms.

THQ convinced Jimmy Buffett, the multi talented musician, author, businessman and movie producer to endorse the game.

Apparently, Buffett is pretty happy to be lending his name to what is now termed as the next-hot-thing in the gaming industry after the widely popular Farmville for Facebook.

"You can build a boat (and) you can build a bar. You gotta evade the pirates. You can have adventures," says Buffett, USA Today reports. He continued, "You can go to Margaritaville."

Just like Farmville and other similar online games, Margaritaville Online will also allow players to earn virtual money with which they can purchase in-game assets. Also, to speed up their progress, users can also invest real money in the game.

"If you buy virtual cheeseburgers and margaritas to send to friends, that should earn you a real burger or beer at a restaurant," said Buffett.

Buffett also lent a few of his songs the game, but he hopes that players will also start contributing their own performances to game's soundtracks.