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Late News: MeeGo Smartphones And Tablets, O2 Provides Fastest Mobile Broadband, Skype Publishes Fix, 200 Megapixel Camera

Meego, the platform that is yet to make its debut on any device, has been dubbed as an ‘unstoppable force’ by the chief of the Linux Foundation. The Meego Smartphone and tablet mobile operating system was developed using Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo platforms. The two companies were working on the project until dumped it for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform.

UK wireless carrier O2 offers the fastest mobile broadband dongle speeds in the UK, an Ofcom study has found. In Ofcom's first study of mobile broadband speeds, the regulator found that 17 percent of UK homes are using mobile broadband to access the internet.

Apple is preparing to launch its latest iPhone 4 in India, on May 27th; with the Indian carrier Aircel offering the 16GB iPhone for $760 and the 32GB version for around $900. Let us remember that 41.6% of India’s population lives on under $1.25 dollars a day

Skype has published the full details of how to solve the issue that has been affecting millions of users of its popular VoIP service worldwide and in addition to Windows Vista and Windows 7 platforms, Windows XP and MacOS X users have also been affected.

Hasselblad, a Swedish manufacturer of medium format cameras, has unveiled its new sensational 200 megapixel digital SLR camera named the H4D-200MS. Built for professional use, this new medium-format camera will cost a hefty $45,000.