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Linux Fans Say Fedora 15 Is Too Easy To Use

The Fedora Project had released the Fedora 15 open source OS that comes with the new Gnome 3 desktop, but the open source community has not welcomed the inclusion of the new Gnome desktop.

The Gnome 3 desktop has been getting a lot of negative feedback from the Fedora community, with users claiming that the designers have made too many concessions in an effort to make the desktop easy for novice users, eWeek reports.

While some people may welcome the simplified interface, experienced users will find it significantly more difficult to customise the OS, which some people feel goes against the Linux ethos.

Apart from the new Gnome 3 desktop, another noticeable feature on the platform is the SystemD configuration. SystemD replaces SysVinit and Upstart for system and session management and brings a faster boot experience.

The Fedora Project has added a cloud based BoxGrinder appliance builder tool to the platform to aid developers.

Fedora 15 also comes with Linux 2.6.38, the SystemD configuration utility and a new firewall system. Fedora 15 will also come with a range of new applications including LibreOffice and Mozilla Firefox 4 so that it has greater out-of-the-box functionality.