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MokaFive Unveils BareMetal Hypervisor

MokaFive, a leading Virtual desktop infrastructure provider, unveiled on May 25 the company’s latest BareMetal hypervisor for its MokaFive Suite 3.0.

As claimed by the company, MokaFive BareMetal is a new age client hypervisor, that can be installed directly onto to the hard-disk of a PC, tablet, or Mac, and requires only 2 GB of RAM in addition to a 64 bit compatible CPU.

While most of the existing virtual desktop packages are designed for operating at a single type of PC, this new offering by MokaFive will deliver enterprises a one-for-all VDI solution.

“This is a brand-new product for us: BMP, Bare Metal Product. With this, MokaFive can now truly claim that it provides the first complete enterprise desktop-management solution in the industry,” MokaFive CEO Dale Fuller reportedly said in a statement to eWEEK.

“We take the simple idea of, How do we allow the end user to use any device he or she wants, and at the same time protect the whole corporation - with no changes, no adds or anything,” he added.

According to industry experts it has been almost 6 years now since MokaFive started aiming to bring the VDI segments together at the right place, and at the right time, and with this new offering, the company has pretty much achieved what it was looking for all these years.