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Nokia Tops O2 Eco Ranking

Nokia handsets have emerged at the top of the list of most environment friendly mobile phones offered in the UK compiled by O2.

O2’s eco rating scheme is a part of its Think Big sustainability programme which is aimed at educating customers on how to live sustainably through O2 products. The eco rating scheme has been developed by O2 in partnership with Forum for the Future.

According to the eco rating chart, Nokia’s C6-01 and the E7 are the most eco friendly mobile phones in the UK, each getting a rating of 4.1 out of 5.

Nokia’s C7-02 shared the second spot with Samsung Galaxy Mini and Galaxy Ace and the Sony Ericsson X8 device, with each getting a rating of 4 out of 5.

Based on the data supplied by device manufacturers the eco rating scheme studies the overall impact of the handset on the environment during its life time, the functionality of the handset and the ethical performance of the manufacturers.

“Although the environmental impact of a mobile phone may seem trivial when compared to say a car or fridge, when you consider the vast volumes of mobiles in circulation across the globe, their impact adds up,” said Simon Lee-Smith, O2’s Head of Devices.

“We know more and more customers want this level of product transparency and we’re very grateful to the handset manufacturers for their engagement with Eco rating.” he added.