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Ofcom Accuses TalkTalk Of Misleading Customers

UK telecom regulator Ofcom has accused mobile phone services provider TalkTalk off providing misleading information to customers.

The regulator, after investigating the sales practices used by the company to rope in customers, concluded that it had found TalkTalk ‘engaging in dishonest, misleading or deceptive conduct by providing misleading information that is likely to affect a customers purchasing decision’.

In what seems to be a huge blow to the operator, the regulator also found that TalkTalk was not complying with the customer termination rights prescribed by Ofcom. The regulator found in its investigation that the company did not allow customers to cancel their contract from the point of sale to the completion of the transfer.

Ofcom had initially started investigating TalkTalk fixed line services sales and marketing back in November, building on the complaints from numerous customers who claimed to have been misled into getting a fixed line contract with the company.

“We're working with Ofcom to provide the information they require before their deadline. We take our responsibilities in this area extremely seriously and we're pleased that Ofcom has acknowledged that complaints are falling,” a TalkTalk spokesperson said in a statement to Which?.