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Pioneer's AppRadio Connects iPhone To Car Radio

In-car entertainment system manufacturer Pioneer has decided to jump on the mobile apps bandwagons by unveiling the AppRadio device.

Pioneer’s AppRadio allows users to connect their iPhone or iPod Touch to the system and access them while on the move,

The device, which will be available in late June, comes with a 6-inch gesture-enabled capacitive touch screen. When mounted on the car’s dashboard, users can connect the device to their iPhone using the 30-pin connector and enjoy using some iPhone apps on the device.

While the number of apps that will be able to run on the system are fairly limited, the company claims that it has taken care so that motorists don’t get distracted while driving.

The company said that if the iPhone is no longer connected to the device, then the apps would disappear from the screen automatically. Pioneer also plans to launch an Android version of the device in the future.

"Pioneer is rethinking connectivity by tapping into the power of the smartphone, while simultaneously providing a solution that safely merges the consumer's connected lifestyle into the vehicle," said Ted Cardenas, director of marketing for the car electronics division of Pioneer Electronics, Market Watch reports.

"AppRadio fully embraces the iPhone, which has become the window to our mobile connectivity and provides a comprehensive and safer way to use apps in the car."