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Public Account Committee Blasts Department Of Health

The Public Accounts Committee has blasted the Department of Health the loss-ridden NHS IT project.

The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, chaired by Labour MP Margaret Hodge, came down heavily on NHS in England's chief executive Sir David Nicholson, Sheri Thureen of CSC and BT Health president Patrick O'Connell for the massive losses that have incurred on the project.

The committee was not convinced that the project, after spending billions of pounds of tax payer’s money, will be able to deliver the benefits it had promised earlier, BBC reports.

The NHS IT programme was designed and implemented to create detailed medical records that would be available to NHS hospitals and a Summary National Care Record that would be available to hospitals across England.

The committee was debating how much money can be ‘salvaged’ from the NHS IT debacle and even suggested to axe the entire scheme, at which point, Department for Health's chief information Christine Connelly said that it would cost the government more to cancel the contract with IT firm CSC than to continue with it.

“Potentially, if you ask me about the absolute maximum, we could be exposed to a higher cost than the cost to complete the contract as it stands today,” she said.