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Red Hat Claims Enterprise Linux 6.1 More Scalable, Consistent

Red Hat has unveiled the latest version of their Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a move termed by many as the most significant update ever since the platform came into existence back in November, 2010.

The new version, named Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 will bring more scalability, consistency and suppleness to the platform, the company claimed. Apart from featuring a number of security patches and updates, the version 6.1 also extends it support to hardware systems, predicted to be coming into existence in the future.

The new platform brings along with it an integrated developers tool package that should allow developers to write, debug as well as arrange application without even requiring to leave the graphical environment.

“With Linux implementation mounting across all workloads, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 offers more enterprise dependability, feat and control all through the data centre,” Jim Totton, VP and General Manager of Platform Business at Red Hat, said.

“Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 persists to guide Linux novelty as we compel implementation transversely workloads that incorporate physical, virtual and cloud deployments. We’re happy to offer to supply these novel capabilities to our global customers’ nowadays.” Mr. Totton added.