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Skype Crashes During Login, Can't Blame Microsoft

Millions of users of popular VoIP service Skype have been forced offline after its client failed to allow any user to login and instead repeatedly crashed.

The problem has been reported across the world and apparently hit the UK just after noon. Rebooting the computer, restarting or reinstalling Skype would not solve the issue.

Skype posted on its blog: "Some of you may have problems signing in to Skype and making calls, we're investigating and hope to have more details to share soon."

Some have been suggesting that Skype's service might have been downed by a massive distributed denial of service, although neither Anonymous nor any other underground groups have made any threats or announcement that would support this theory.

A few users are reporting that the issue is affecting new computers whereas those running on Windows XP, Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile handsets are still working fine.

The service had a massive outage back in December 2010 when one of its client updates caused support servers to become overloaded causing some of its supernodes to crash, taking down millions of users with it.

Back in August 2007, another outage was partly blamed on Microsoft whose update patches were called "a catalyst" which triggered a series of events that led to the disruption of Skype. Since then Skype has been purchased by Microsoft who committed to keeping the service alive after the $8.5 billion acquisition.