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Three Puts Samsung Chromebook As "Coming Soon"

Three Mobile has listed the Samsung Chromebook as a "coming soon" product on its website saying that it is expected to go on sale in June; Google has already said that the devices will be sold from the 15th.

Users can already register to get updates as to when they can preorder the Chromebook and more importantly how much it may cost on pay monthly contracts.

Three has only confirmed that it will give 3GB worth of data to all Chromebook buyers to be used within the first three months, after which users can either buy a 500MB day pass for £3, an additional 1GB for £10 per month, 3GB for £15 or 7GB for £25.

And although the mobile phone operator has yet to confirm that it will be selling the Chromebooks on fixed term contracts, we wouldn't bet against that.

That said, it may be cheaper to buy the Chromebook outright and opt for a one month rolling contract. Three sells a 10GB broadband contract for £15 per month while a two year contract with 50 per cent more data costs £16; you can always get The One Plan SIM card with one month rolling contract, shove it in any Android smartphone with Android 2.2 Froyo and enjoy unlimited data.

Also, strangely enough, Three has gone for the more expensive 3G Samsung Chromebook Series 5 rather than the more affordable and smaller Acer Chromebook.