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Why Does Apple Always Procrastinate With Security Issues?

Apple has often preferred to ignore security threats rather than address them; MacDefender is malicious software that has been attacking Mac users since early May but Apple didn't issue a security advisory until May 24th.

When the media attempted to draw attention towards MacDefender, Mac fanboys actually said there was no threat at all and added that their security issues are nothing compared to those of Windows. A source from inside Apple revealed to the media the instructions given by the company to support reps. Basically they were told not to help the customers because Apple thinks that customers are trying ”to skirt [Apple’s] policy” by asking such obvious questions.

It appears that this is Apple’s standard procedure. Pretend that the problem does not exist and then offer a solution at the eleventh hour. Apple foolishly hardens its neck and refuses to admit that their products also have faults.

Unfortunately for Apple this response won’t solve security issues, especially now that Mac devices have become one of the main targets, as researchers from Sophos have suggested. Mac users have been brainwashed into thinking that Macs are immune to viruses - and this is what makes them so vulnerable to attacks.

They should wake up from this slumber because no system is 100% secure and hackers will definitely continue to exploit their weaknesses.