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Will Kogan Release A 3D TV Converter Box?

Kogan is considering adding 3D capabilities to its existing LED television range, something that would add up to £80 to the top of the range 55-inch television set or around five per cent to the selling price.

The Australian company says the fact that their business has grown while the price of 3D technology has gone down has put them in a position where they can add 3D for not that much.

When Ruslan Kogan met with us last week, he was adamant that the reason why 3D isn't as successful as expected on the big screens, is because of the lack of 3D content.

However, Kogan also underlined the fact that 3D gaming has significantly increased over recent times and here's the kicker. The panels used in traditional 3D TV (which require active or passive glasses) are the same as those in normal TV.

In theory therefore, Kogan may be able to get a breakout box that adds 3D capabilities to any compatible television, and Ruslan Kogan said that he was interested in that idea.

Having an external converter box would allow Kogan to offer the 3D feature optionally across its range of television sets to customers willing to fork out extra for 3D.

Earlier this week, the company confirmed exclusively to that it will introduce LED television sets as large as 55-inch in the UK shortly.