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ZTE Is Key To Affordable Windows Phone Mango Handsets

When Google introduced Android, it was not until more than one year later that the first affordable handsets appeared on the market; HTC offering the first with the Tattoo (or Click) back in late September, with cheaper sub-£200 models only appearing last year.

At the launch of Mango two days ago, Microsoft announced that Chinese manufacturer ZTE would build Windows Phone handsets.

This is particularly important because back in March, Wu Sa, ZTE's UK Director of Mobile Device Operations told us that any move to produce Windows Phone 7 devices would be motivated by market demand, support from network operators and the usability of the device.

Like Huawei, ZTE is a specialist in ultra cheap (but not so tacky) smartphones, like the Blade (Orange San Francisco) or the Skate, and enlisting it as a partner ensures that there will be at least one Windows Phone 7 handset by the end of the year which will cost £200 or less.

One can expect it to be an update to the Android-based Skate which was announced in February and is scheduled to be rolled out later this year.

The Skate comes with a fast enough processor from Qualcomm, the MSM7227, enough onboard memory, a decent onboard camera, a big screen with the right amount of pixels as well as loads of sensors including a compass, A-GPS and more.